Welcome to QuickSwipe® Mobile

QuickSwipe® Mobile is our versatile, secure, mobile point of sale solution that is easy to use for all kinds of businesses & is backed by PCI validated P2PE encryption. Our QuickSwipe solution empowers firms with everything they need to run their business securely, efficiently, and literally from anywhere using any internet-enabled device (tablet/phone) and a P2PE device (either the WisePad 2 or PAX A920)

Secure – Our software encrypts sensitive cardholder data with a PCI validated P2PE solution.
Intuitive – Get started right away with minimal training and an easy-to-use point of sale solution.
Reporting – Track past transactions, run reports, view your entire operations from a single source.
Flexibility – run your business from anywhere & accept every kind of payment, be it credit/debit/recurring or cash.

This document outlines Bluefin’s QuickSwipe Application Programming Interface (API) services. These services provide our clients with user, product, category, and order-level management pertaining to the QuickSwipe mobile app and POS system.

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Every request that requires authentication will require that a token be passed in the url ?token=abcde. A token will be generated during a successful login request

Parameter & Responses

There are a few things to keep in mind while working with the API

  • Unless noted all strings will have a maximum length of 255 characters.
  • Unless noted all decimal values will have a 2 decimal place precision.
  • True or false parameters should be posted using either a 1 or 0. This includes the parameter without a value will be typecast to false.
  • File upload will require that a multipart/form-data post be made.
  • Date/Time values will be returned using the following format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • All errors are returned in the following JSON format {"error": "Error message"}

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