Using the Account Updater API

In this section, you will find examples of how to perform various operations using the Account Updater API endpoints.

Before we explore the examples, we would like to recommend a couple of best practices:

  1. Make use of the webhook functionality provided. This allows you to reduce the number of API requests you make to receive the updated card data. Instead of polling the service on a time interval, we will let you know when you have updates that can be retrieved.
  2. It can take anywhere from 5-10 business days for the card issuers to issue back updated account data. For that reason, when setting up subscriptions we recommend setting them to send about ten business days before you need the updated card data.

We recommend that you continue on to the article Setting up and Managing Webhooks to take full advantage of this feature.

What’s Next

Check out code examples and more in the following articles!