The PayConex Developer Portal

Welcome to the PayConex Developer Portal! Here you can view API documentation, implementation guides, and release notes for past and upcoming releases for the PayConex payment gateway.

PayConex API Suite

The PayConex gateway API suite supports credit card/ACH processing as well as recurring payments, fetching transaction information, and detailed reporting.

PayConex API Overview

Payment iFrame

The PayConex Payment iFrame helps reduce PCI scope by allowing developers to embed customizable payment fields hosted by Bluefin into a checkout or payment page.

Payment iFrame Overview

Digital Wallet Support

The PayConex API has the capability to accept payments from both Google and Apple Pay.

Google Pay Overview
Apple Pay Overview

QuickSwipe Mobile

QuickSwipe Mobile is Bluefin's mobile point-of-sale solution. It allows merchants to connect directly to the Payconex gateway to process payments. QuickSwipe Mobile also boasts a fully functional API that allows users to manage accounts, users, items, and other important data.

QuickSwipe Mobile API Overview

Hosted Payment Forms

The PayConex gateway offers configurable Hosted Payment Forms. These are pre-built payment pages that allow merchants to accept web payments securely and seamlessly.

Hosted Payment Forms Overview

Anti-Fraud Tools

PayConex provides multiple anti-fraud and verification tools that help merchants avoid accepting fraudulent payments.

3D Secure
Fraud Scoring
Real-time ACH Verification