PayConex - 03.07.2024

This month's PayConex release includes an enhancement to the PayConex API for retrieving the card brand network transaction ID, along with several maintenance and bug fixes. Below are detailed notes on the contents of the release.

PayConex - 01.18.2024

This PayConex release is a maintenance release focused on improving the system and correcting issues. Below is a list of issues that will be fixed as part of this release.

PayConex - 12.12.2023

This month's PayConex release includes a small enhancement to the Account Updater API and several maintenance/bug fixes. Detailed notes on the contents of the release are provided below.

PayConex - 11.16.2023

This month's PayConex release delivers a series of enhancements and fixes aimed at improving the user experience, streamlining transaction processing, and bolstering the robustness of our systems. Below you'll find detailed notes on the new features, significant improvements, and crucial bug fixes included in this update.

PayConex - 10.24.2023

This release brings refinements and enhancements to PayConex Custom Reports, updates to the STORE transaction type, and various bug fixes.

PayConex - 09.26.2023

This release brings refinements and enhancements to the PayConex Account Updater, a new recurring schedule option, additional data elements for Elavon transactions, and bug fixes.

PayConex - 08.30.2023

This release brings enhanced refund capabilities through the PayConex UI, more robust processor support for CIT/MIT parameters on the PayConex API, and a few general improvements and bug fixes. Read on for more details about the improvements and fixes in this release.

PayConex - 07.18.2023

In this release, there are a few enhancements to existing features and a handful of bug fixes.

PayConex - 06.08.2023

The highlights of this release are an updated batch settlement report, additional_fee support for PayConex accounts processing transactions with Elavon, and a few bug fixes.

PayConex - 05.18.2023

The highlights of this release are account updater support for Fiserv RapidConnect, various bug fixes, and a new API key management interface to support new PayConex API functions.