PayConex - 5.31.2022

In this release, we are introducing a new integration to Twilio's Generic PayConnector along with a few other enhancements and some minor bug fixes.

PayConex - 5.13.2022

Highlights from this release include the release of the first phase of our CardSync Account Updater integration, enhancements to our 3D Secure offering, and various bug fixes.

PayConex - 4.14.2022

This release includes enhancements for credit card input forms across PayConex, Real-time ACH Verification, PayConex email notifications, card batch reports, and the Reporting Services API.

PayConex - 2.3.2022

Highlights from this release include the addition of Google Pay and Apple Pay to the Hosted Payment Form as well as NACHA Verification for reissuing transactions.

PayConex - 12.9.2021

This release includes enhancements for PayConex email notifications, Real-time ACH Verification, and new Recurring Schedule options for Hosted Payment Forms.

PayConex - 11.16.2021

This release is highlighted by our initial rollout to allow PayConex to accept Apple and Google pay along with adding support for Real-time ACH Account verification.

PayConex - 10.5.2021

PayConex's October 2021 release includes updates to the site's appearance, Hosted Payment Forms(HPFs) and several bug fixes.

PayConex - 9.2.2021

The main highlight of this release is the addition of 3D Secure on Hosted Payment forms.

PayConex - 8.5.2021

Highlights from this release include adding the PayConex Transaction ID to the ACH Check Status Report and user interface improvements for creating Custom Reports.

PayConex - 7.13.2021

Highlights from this release include the release of our PayConex Account Creation API, and RSAPI Pagination along with enhancements to IP blocking and Recurring Label options.