Apple Pay™

An introduction to Apple Pay

Adding an Apple Pay button as a payment method is a great way to provide a fast, easy, and secure way for customers to buy goods or services. This implementation can substantially increase checkout conversion rates by reducing checkout time.

The aim of the guides in this section is to assist developers who would like to add Apple Pay as a payment method on their web applications.

Before getting started with the PayConex guides it is a good idea for any developer to review some of Apple's documentation on acceptable usage of Apple Pay:

At a certain point in your implementation, it will also be helpful to review the documentation surrounding sandbox testing with Apple Pay:



Using the test cards provided by Apple your transactions may decline when sent to a test PayConex account. This is expected as some processor test environments restrict the test cards allowed.


The guides following this introduction will guide you through the steps required to implement an Apple Pay button on your web application and use it via the PayConex API to process a transaction.

What’s Next

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