Getting Started

An overview of the Account Updater API

API Overview

The PayConex Account Updater API allows developers and merchants to update cardholder data via participating card issuers. This is particularly useful for keeping recurring transactions up-to-date with the most recent account information from the card issuers.

Using the API you can subscribe PayConex tokens so that they are continuously updated on a set schedule defined in the API request.

Our Account Updater API also provides the ability to register a webhook URL. Then, when a token (or set of tokens) you're subscribed to is updated by the card issuer a notification will be sent to the registered webhook URL.

Using the information sent to the webhook you can then retrieve the updated card information.

The diagram below shows what a typical integration path might look like if you utilize the different features of the API.


Gaining Access

If you are interested in getting set up to use this service in your software please contact your Bluefin account manager or complete and submit this form to get started.

What’s Next

Take a look at how to authenticate your application's API requests.