P2PE Manager and ServiceNow Integration

The ServiceNow integration enables businesses to utilize Bluefin’s P2PE Manager natively from ServiceNow.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a digital platform that helps automate workflows to enhance productivity. It also facilitates pre-built package integration apps that allow businesses to connect with other platforms utilized within their organizations. Bluefin’s P2PE Manager app is now available on ServiceNow’s app store, providing the ability to manage device chain of custodies, complete attestations, track shipments, and more — all natively from ServiceNow. Learn more about ServiceNow.

How to connect the P2PE Manager app on ServiceNow?

  1. Request access to the P2PE Manager application

While logged into your ServiceNow account, search for the P2PE Manager app on the ServcieNow app store and click Request App.


A Bluefin Team Member will receive your request, and will reach out to you to complete the onboarding process. Once the onboarding process is complete, your request to install the P2PE Manager app will be approved.

  1. Install P2PE Manager plugin
  • Login to Servicenow.
  • Click on the plugins tab on the left navigator.
  • Find the P2PE Manager app, and click install.
  1. Configure

Search and click on the P2PE Manager tab in your side navigation.


Scroll down to Administration and click on Properties.


Fill in the following required fields in P2PE Manager Properties and click Save.

  • Hostname
  • Port Value
  • Username of the REST account
  • HMAC authentication shared key

Hmac authentication shared key can be found in the Partner Supervisor user record in Bluefin P2PE Manager.

  • Navigate to Manage/Users
  • Create a new Partner Supervisor user with a username that begins with SN.
  • Select Hmac and click on "Generate Key"
  • Copy and paste the username and Hmac authentication shared key in the P2PE Manager Properties.
  1. Import data
  • Click on Scheduled Data Imports found under Administration.
  • Click on Scheduled Partners Import.
  • Click Execute Now.

Repeat steps to complete the remainder of Scheduled Imports.

  • Click on Import Sets under Administration to check the status of all imports. The processed state indicates that all imports have been loaded and transformed successfully.

Expected Order of Imports:

  • Partners Import
  • Clients Import
  • Devices Import
  • Locations Import
  • Attestations Import
  • Shipments Import
  • Shipment Devices Import
  1. Test configuration

To test your configuration, update the Audit next date on a device.

  • Navigate to the Devices, and click on the name of the device record to be updated.
  • Click on the calendar icon next to the Audit next date field.
  • Select the new date and click Update in the top right corner.
  • Login in to Bluefin’s P2PE Manager and check to see if the Audit next date of the device record you updated on ServiceNow also updated in Bluefin’s P2PE Manager. Matching device records indicates a successful configuration.
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