Error Handling for Processing Payloads

Possible error codes and where they appear in a Decryptx response.

In a Decryptx response, error codes can appear in two separate locations:

  1. The errCode property appears at the base of the response object; it represents the high level error for the response, e.g., 1003 Authentication required. Error codes between 1 - 100 originate on the Parser; codes between 1000 and 2000 originate on Decryptx.
  2. In instances where the decryption fails, an errCode is returned with the value of 1303. A more specific error code is also returned in the decrypted array.
  "success"    : false,
  "errMessage" : "All values failed to decrypt",
  "errCode"    : 1303,
  "decrypted": [
       "name"    : "track2",
       "failed"  : true,
       "message" : "No CC found in decrypted result",
       "code"    : 1406
  "messageId": "1201610181032081012815612"

Sample 1303 "All decryptions failed" error response. In the decrypted array, the "code" property outlines the reason for each specific track failing to decrypt.

Error Codes

Following is a list of all possible error codes with their descriptions and the HTTP response code that will accompany them.

HTTP CodeerrCodeDescription
4091001Generic/unknown error code
4001101No partnerId provided
4001102No partnerKey provided
4011103Partner not found
4011104Partner is found, but is disabled or otherwise not allowed to place API calls
4011105The provided partnerKey is invalid
4001201No device serial number provided
4091202Device not found/recognized
4091203The indicated device is not currently active
4091204Invalid firmware version
4001301No data to decrypt was provided
4091302One or more encrypted values failed to decrypt, at least one succeeded, the response will indicate success in this situation, but this error code will be provided as well. Inspect decrypted array objects for specific error codes and messages.
4091303All decryptions failed
4091401Decryption failed, no name provided
4091402Decryption failed, no value provided
4001403Decryption failed, insufficient data provided. Typically caused by not providing appropriate information in the decryptionParameters property like the sequenceNumber value when one is required.
4091404Decryption failed for some other reason
4091405CC Data sent in the clear
4091406No CC found in decrypted result