Decryptx v5.6 - 06.04.2024

Key Features and Enhancements: Enhanced Accessibility with AccessiBe

Decryptx v5.5 - 04.09.24

Key Features and Enhancements: Location Name is now included in the Transactions Report, Partner and Client dropdown menus have been extended

Decryptx v5.4.3 - 03.12.24

Bug Fixes: Client Custodians and Partner Fulfillments can now manage Device Records, Partners and Clients can now successfully Complete Attestations, Client Users can now view Device Records, Partners and Clients can now successfully Create and Update Locations

Decryptx v5.4 - 01.30.2024

Key Features and Enhancements: Address is now displayed in the Locations tab, Transactions tab now provides the option to include sub-partner's records

Decryptx v5.2 - 10.26.2023

Key Features and Enhancements:Total Count of Number of Records Selected can now be viewed in the Attestations and Create Shipments Tabs

Decryptx v5.1 - 09.12.2023

Bug Fixes: Partners and Clients can now search for a location when creating a chain of custody record, Client Admins can now successfully create locations, Partner and Clients can now scan to receive devices, Partners can now deactivate user records, Partners can now see their Client's data in the Attestations tab, KIF Users can now successfully import devices, Scroll Bar has been reinstated in the Incoming Shipments tab, Error Message in Transaction Details has been reinstated

Decryptx v5.0 - 07.25.2023

Introducing Our Redesigned P2PE Manager Application: Enhancing Your Experience!

Decryptx v4.3 - 05.11.2023

Key Features and Enhancements: Phone Number Format Updated in Client Import, RMA Notification Message Modified, Client Import upload no longer produces Custom Reference Field Error.

Decryptx v4.2.9 - 03.16.2023

Key Features and Enhancements: Custom Reference field can now be viewed in the Locations table, Custom Reference is now included in the Client Import CSV file

Decryptx v4.2 - 09.01.2022

Key Features and Enhancements included in this Release: P2PE Manager Revamped System Notifications, System Admins & System Users Dashboard User Count Widget, System Admins & System Users Dashboard Device Location Widget