Decrypt-Ext P2PE Data

The Decrypt-Ext P2PE Data API endpoint is utilized in what Bluefin calls “P2PE Manager Only” mode.

This API endpoint is utilized in what Bluefin calls “P2PE Manager Only” mode. Here, the partner is using their own Validated P2PE Solution to decrypt data. In this mode, the P2PE Manager acts as the P2PE system of record. All aspects of the P2PE Manager operate the same, but rather than the data being acquired from Bluefin’s decryption system, it is “posted” to the P2PEM from an external source.

The REST endpoint for this call is

Request Path

POST /api/decrypt-ext

Request Object

This API consumes a JSON object with the following properties.

Property Type Description
partnerId String ID provided by Bluefin for access to the Decryptx API.
partnerKey String API Key provided by Bluefin for access to the Decryptx API. This value can be changed on request from the partner or by the partner via the Decryptx portal.
reference (optional) String A string (of up to 50 characters) that helps partners identify individual API calls. If provided, the value will be logged to the P2PE Manager where it can be used to troubleshoot technical issues. It is highly recommended that a unique value be used on each Decryptx API call. The reference value will be returned in the response body, whether the API call is successful or not.
serial String The serial number of the device.
encrypted Number Number of encrypted items.
decrypted Number Number of decrypted items.
clientId String Identifier for the partner client this device belongs to. This value is configured by the partner when the device is provisioned and is optional. This parameter provides an additional level of uniqueness in case device serial numbers are not unique between manufacturers. It also provides a more detailed level of reporting as API usage can be reported to the client level. All devices provisioned for a partner must have a unique combination of serial number and client. If a partner does not wish to use a client identifier, all devices provisioned for that partner must have a unique serial number.
success Boolean
ip string IP address that should be affiliated with the event. Typically, this would be the IP address of the payment terminal/POI device.
completed String (date-time) The time at which the event occurred.