Decryptx APIs

An Introduction to Decryptx APIs and environment.

The following is an overview of the environment and endpoints for utilizing the Decryptx API Library.

Get started with the integration process by connecting to our certification environment.

Request access to a certification account here.

All preliminary development must be conducted and tested within the certification environment.


Important API Credential Information

You will be issued different API credentials for certification and production. After the development and certification process is completed you will need to update your software to use the production environment URL, and the Decryptx API credentials with the new production account credentials.

If you have any technical issues during the development or certification process please contact our Integrations team at [email protected]. Our team members can assist you with any questions that may arise.

Decryptx API Environment

There are two Decryptx environments each with its own URL.

The certification test environment:

The production environment:

Decryptx API Endpoints

There are four endpoints in the Decryptx API Library.

API NameEndpoint
Validate Account/api/partner/validate
Validate Device/api/device/validate
Decrypt P2PE Data/api/decrypt
Decrypt-Ext P2PE Data/api/decrypt-ext

What’s Next

To begin implementing Decryptx, start with our guide to validating accounts. If you've already completed this step, check out our other API guides.