Sharing Tokens

You can share tokenized data or template references with other organizations that tokenize using ShieldConex. We support any of three use cases on a per template basis:

  1. Organization A wants Organization B to be able to tokenize data using a template. Organization A can then retrieve the tokenized data.
  2. Organization A wants Organization B to be able to read tokenized data they have collected.
  3. Organization A wants to extend both rights to Organization B for a given template.

In any of the scenarios, both organizations would use their own credentials to authenticate API calls, so no keys need to be shared. Organization B would also not be able to modify the template in any way.

Account Setup

To enable sharing between partners safely, the organizations involved must first work with a Bluefin specialist and provide consent before they can become visible to one another in the UI. Once set up, this feature can be configured on a template basis by one of your Partner Supervisor. For help getting set up, please reach out to our support team.

Setting up a Template

Once you've worked with Bluefin to set up a connection between your organizations, you can proceed to set up any template with the ability to share. Just follow these easy steps to get started!

  1. Navigate to the Template you would like to allow tokenizations and detokenizations for. Once you've logged in, just navigate to Manage -> Templates and then select from the list.

  2. From the template that you want to set access on, deselect “Allow Sharing”. Though this may seem counterintuitive, it enables ANY ShieldConex partner to tokenize and detokenize when selected.

  3. A specific partner can be given Tokenize or Detokenize permission for a specific template. That allows them to use their own keys and credentials to perform the specified actions via API.


Share the Template Reference & System Names your Partner Organization

Once you've configured the template to share with another organization, all you will need to do is share the Template Reference (found on the same page you set up sharing) and any System Names that they will need to create an API call.

From there, your partner organization will need to follow the Tokenization and Detokenization guides.