ShieldConex® v1.15 - 2.20.2024

This release includes a an update to account lockout functionality and a closed beta version of the ShieldConex Proxy.

ShieldConex® v1.14.1 - 11.7.2023

In ShieldConex 1.14.1 users will now receive automated emails for account lockouts, and we've corrected field behavior in our template editor, alongside other maintenance and security updates.

ShieldConex® v1.14.1 - 8.29.2023

Version 1.14.1 includes bug fixes for SAML logout URL handling, ShieldConex Manager Transactions pagination, and numeric-only encryption error messaging updates.

ShieldConex® v1.14 - 5.23.2023

Release 1.14 introduces enhanced default character support via the Tokenization API, preserving special characters, and addresses bug fixes related to SAML logout, card expiration date handling, and min/max field length saving.

ShieldConex v1.13 - 2.14.2023

ShieldConex v1.13 resolves issues related to the iFrame SDK and SAML enforcement

ShieldConex v1.11 - 10.6.2022

Version 1.11 of ShieldConex includes a new logging feature and minor enhancements to templates.

ShieldConex v1.10 - 8.9.2022

Version 1.10 brings minor enhancements to the iFrame and an improvement to the ShieldConex Bulk API calls.

ShieldConex v1.9 - 6.30.2022

Version 1.9 of ShieldConex brings new cross organization sharing capabilities and some additional enhancements to the new template editor introduced in the previous release.

ShieldConex v1.8 - 4.28.2022

Version 1.8 redesigns a core part of ShieldConex Manager — the template editor. Take a look at what has changed in the new experience as well as some updates to existing features.

ShieldConex v1.6 - 11.9.2021

This release brings UI updates to the template editor, enhancements to payment card fields in the iFrame and a few important bug fixes.