ShieldConex® v1.16 - 5.13.2024

New Features

Improved Website Accessibility with the Accessibe Widget

We've integrated the Accessibe widget to improve website accessibility, making our site more user-friendly for individuals with disabilities. This feature provides tools that adjust the website’s design and interface to meet individual accessibility needs.

ShieldConex Proxy

  • HMAC Authorization in ShieldConex Proxy
    Added the HMAC (Hash-based Message Authentication Code) authorization for proxy-bound requests to enhance security. This is optional in the certification environment but will be required for production implementations.
  • New Substitution Location Options:
    header: Support for header as a substitution location, allowing proxy users to manipulate request headers with ShieldConex tokenization or parser data injection.
    query: Introduction of query as a substitution location, enabling the insertion of ShieldConex tokenization or parser data into the request's query string.
  • New Transformation Path Options:
    key: Addition of key as an option for Path in substitutions, specifying the header or form-encoded body content to use in transformations.
    regex: Addition of regex as a transformation type, allowing for regular expressions in configuration paths, including support for previously unsupported characters.
  • Automated Masking for Known Vulnerabilities
    Enhanced our security measures in the Proxy Logs by automatically masking sensitive information in proxy request data, reducing the risk of exposure.
  • Updated Proxy Log UI
    The Log Details page of the Proxy Log has been enhanced to improve legibility and navigation for easier use.


Updated PayConex Tokenization Template

The default tokenization template for PayConex has been updated to include additional fi