ShieldConex® v1.14 - 5.23.2023

Release 1.14 introduces enhanced default character support via the Tokenization API, preserving special characters, and addresses bug fixes related to SAML logout, card expiration date handling, and min/max field length saving.


Special Characters Enabled By Default via API


This update does not impact iFrame implementations

With the v1.14 update, the Tokenization API will allow the following characters by default:

- @ _ ) . : % / + ! ; , ( space

As a reminder, the form and location of these special characters is preserved when tokenizing or encrypting data with ShieldConex.

Bug Fixes


Upon logout, the previous version of ShieldConex was routing users that logged in via SSO to the default ShieldConex Login screen. User should now be redirected to the logout link you have specified in your SSO providers configuration.

Card Expiration Date - Rejection of Valid Card Expiration Dates

In previous versions of ShieldConex’s iFrame, card expiration date has recognized manually typed ‘/’ characters as part of the input length and denied otherwise valid expiration dates. In the new version, both manually and automatically typed ‘/’ characters will not count against input length.

Format Preserving Encryption - Character Sets in Returned Encrypted Strings

In version 1.1 of the iFrame template system, the encryption option has been returning alphanumeric encrypted strings. With this update, numeric input data fields will only return numeric strings, alphabetic inputs will return alphabetic strings, and the same applies to alphanumeric inputs.

Min/Max Field Length Setting Not Saving

ShieldConex v1.13 introduced an issue that prevented the min/max field length from saving on the Custom field type in some circumstances. In version 1.4, these values will consistently save as expected.