ShieldConex® v1.14.1 - 8.29.2023

Version 1.14.1 includes bug fixes for SAML logout URL handling, ShieldConex Manager Transactions pagination, and numeric-only encryption error messaging updates.

Bug Fixes

SAML Update

For organizations that have configured SAML through their provider and have specified a logout URL in their configuration, both session timeouts and intentional logouts will result in that organization’s users being rerouted to the configured logout URL.

ShieldConex Manager Transactions Pagination

On the Transaction details page in ShieldConex, there has been an excess of pages beyond what is needed to contain the filtered results. This issue has been resolved to show no more pages than what are needed to display all filtered results.

Numeric-Only Encryption

ShieldConex template fields that leverage a numeric-only FPE format cannot accept special characters. Previously, the Tokenization API returned a 1302 socket hangup error when receiving input like this. Error messaging has been update to return a 1213 error, which indicated the use of invalid special characters.