PayConex - 11.15.2022

Highlights from this release include the addition of a new end-point for the Account Updater API, enhancements to our hosted payment form timeout feature, and a number of other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Account Updater API Enhancements

With this release, we are introducing another API end-point for our Account Updater API. This end-point will allow you to use the HTTP GET method to request the details of a previously created Account Updater subscription. For more information take a look at our Account Updater API End-point Overview.

See our full Account Updater API guide here.

New Timeout Option for Hosted Payment Forms

Historically the timeout options on the PayConex Hosted Payment Forms were limited and in some cases were not strict enough for some merchants.

Previously, by default, the Hosted Payment Forms prompted customers to ask if they would like more time before timing out completely. With this release we are introducing new settings for Hosted Payment Forms that allows enabling the new Strict Timeout feature.

When selecting the Strict Timeout checkbox in the Hosted Payment Form will redirect directly to the timeout URL without prompting the user to ask for more time.

When the Strict Timeout option is enabled new configuration options will appear.

Enable Form Expiration AlertEnabling this option will prompt the user to let them know the form will timeout soon.
Show expiration message with: X minutes leftThis setting controls when the expiration message is displayed.
Enable Countdown TimerThe countdown timer allows placing a timer on the page that will display the time remaining before the hosted payment form times out.
Show countdown timer with: X minutes leftThis setting controls when the countdown timer is displayed.
Countdown Timer LocationThis setting controls where the countdown timer is located, either at the top or bottom of the payment form.

PayConex Enhancements

Manage Users Page

A search function and a CSV download option have been added to the PayConex Manage Users page. This provides merchants with a large number of users an easier way to analyze and manage their user base.


ACH SEC Code Property added to Transaction History CSV

The ACH SEC Code property was previously added to our Reporting Services API and Custom Report feature. We have now added it to the CSV download on the PayConex Transaction History Page.

Bug Fixes

Updated Recurring Transactions when using First Data Omaha

In some instances, proper recurring flags were not applied when a recurring transaction was sent to First Data Omaha. This issue has been corrected.

Display bug when creating Custom Reports

When accessing the Add Filter page while creating a PayConex custom report there was a display bug with the status select box. This issue has been resolved.

Virtual Terminal Transaction Amount Displayed Incorrectly

In certain instances using the PayConex virtual terminal with the additional fee feature resulted in an incorrectly displayed transaction total. With this release, the total amount displays properly.

Partial Authorization Setting Issue

There was an issue where partial authorizations were being allowed for First Data RapidConnect accounts that did not want to allow partial authorizations. This issue has been corrected so that when transactions are sent the PayConex account settings are followed properly.