PayConex - 10.21.2022

Highlights from this release include the release of our Account Updater API, an enhancement to our Twilio integration to allow ACH transactions, and a number of other small enhancements and bug fixes.

Keep reading to get the full 🍨!

Account Updater API 🎉

We are very excited to announce that our Account Updater API is officially launching!

At the beginning of this year, we embarked on adding a native account updater solution for PayConex merchants that have recurring schedules within PayConex. After that feature was released we began working on ways to make our API for this service public so that merchants and developers that manage their own recurring schedules can take advantage of it.

This release marks the first time a merchant or developer will be able to have access to this API.

For those that may not be aware; Account Updater is an automated service that will retrieve updated card information for participating merchants from card issuers when a customer's card is expired, lost, re-issued, or reported stolen. This functionality facilitates a faster turnaround in payments for merchants, and a seamless payments experience for their customers

Ready to start work on an integration? Click this link to view the technical documentation.

PayConex Twilio Connector now accepts ACH payments 🏦

With this release, we are also adding support to our Twilio Pay Connector to allow support for ACH transactions.

If you're interested in using this service please take a look at our documentation on Using Twilio with PayConex

Get more Insights on the usage of Digital Wallets 📈

Merchants leveraging digital wallet payment methods (like Apple and Google Pay) can now view the type of digital wallet used on their transaction detail pages.

Along with the transaction details page, the digital wallet type can also be included in;

  • Custom Reports
  • Reporting Services API responses
  • The transaction history CSV download in PayConex

Bug Fixes

Updated Email Validation ✅

An issue was reported where newer top-level domains were not validating properly within PayConex. With this release, we have expanded that validation so that users with those TLDs would be able to input their email addresses properly.

Cache Busted! 💥

In the past, there could be potential conflicts with cached versions of PayConex CSS and JavaScript files causing users to need to clear the browser cache to get everything working again. Going forward, when loading PayConex after a release there shouldn't be issues with users having stored versions of JavaScript and CSS files within the browser cache.

Agent Account Report Discrepancy

When logging into PayConex as an agent and viewing the Agent Tools page, the count for 'live' and 'setup' accounts was incorrect in some cases. This has been corrected.

Cancel Transactions not responding as expected

We had a report that in some cases the CANCEL transaction type was not providing the expected responses in some cases. We have implemented a fix in this release to help with that issue.

Internal server error encountered with Custom Reports

In some cases, it was reported that when running a custom report an internal server error would get triggered. With this release, we have added fixes to help prevent this issue.