PayConex - 8.5.2021

Highlights from this release include adding the PayConex Transaction ID to the ACH Check Status Report and user interface improvements for creating Custom Reports.

New Features and Enhancements

Added Transaction ID to ACH Check Status Report
We added “Transaction ID” to the ACH status report to allow our merchant an easier reconciliation process and unify the application’s look and feel.


Custom Report
We have added a “Create New Custom Report Button” on the top of the page so that the user can navigate to creating custom reports instantly.


Bug Fixes

Issue #1
We had an issue where Payconex sends customer receipts on behalf of the merchant when SEND CUSTOMER RECEIPT is set to No; the issue is now resolved.

Issue #2
We had an issue. When merchants attempt to perform a partial refund get an "invalid refund amount" error message; this issue is now fixed and allows a smooth workflow.

Issue #3
We had an issue where recurring plans inside Payconex were displaying incorrect "Last Recurring Date." This has now been resolved; hence the actual plan run date and last recurring date are now in sync.