PayConex - 6.28.2022

Highlights for this release include a new detailed report for the CardSync Account Updater service, additional permissions for agent users, new merchant settings options for First Data Rapid Connect, an improved PayConex sign-in experience, and various bug fixes.

New Features and Enhancements

New Account Updater Detailed Report

For merchants leveraging the new CardSync Account Updater service through PayConex, a new report will be listed in the Reports tab of PayConex. This report will allow you to select date ranges, and filter card updates by status to get a breakdown of recurring schedules that have been updated through the CardSync service. These tools will help you reconcile the number of total updates that have been made on your account, and provide a faster method to view recurring schedules that might need attention in the event the credit card on file was closed.

If you would like to learn more about the Account Updater functionality click here.

Updated Agent User Permissions

Users on PayConex with the Agent permissions now have access to their sub-accounts. This allows agents to view sub-account information like settings and reports. If the agent user also has the process and refund permissions they can also now process and refund transactions on their sub-accounts.

Improved PayConex Sign-in Experience

Historically when a user is logged out of PayConex due to a session expiring they have been redirected to their default page. This meant if you were trying to click into an area after your login had expired you would have to route back through the interface to get back to the previous screen. With this release we have enhanced the flow to route users back to the last page they were trying to access before their session expired.

Additional RapidConnect Merchant Setting Options

Merchants processing on First Data RapidConnect using the MOTO industry type can now supply or modify the Merchant Phone Number that is sent to RapidConnect with each transaction.

For merchants processing using the ECOMMERCE industry type, a new field has been added called Website URL. This is the merchant URL that will come through on customer statements from RapidConnect.

Historically, these values were static fields that could not be updated. This change will add flexibility to allow changing these values if needed.

Additional Fee Now an Option on PayConex Virtual Terminal

Merchants processing with FIS as their processor have been able to use the PayConex additional_fee parameter via the PayConex API. With this release, we are giving merchants the option to include this field on the PayConex virtual terminal payment pages.

Bug Fixes

Corrected Issues Identified during CardSync Account Updater Enrollment

There was an issue identified where merchants were enrolling in the CardSync account updater service and it was not activating properly. This has been fixed.

Invalid Zip Code causing processing issues on First Data RapidConnect

We have corrected a problem where specific zip code formats considered invalid to RapidConnect were causing processing exceptions for merchants.

Long Merchant Name Display issue on Hosted Payment Forms

We identified an issue with merchant name displays on the hosted payment forms when the name was too long for a smaller mobile display. We have implemented a fix to help the names display on the smaller screens in a nicer way.

Hosted Payment Form CVV Required was not saving properly

In certain instances, the CVV Required setting was not saving properly on the hosted payment form settings. The source of the issue was identified and corrected.

ACH Email Notification Improvement

In some cases, ACH correction notices were sent with a subject that indicated it was an ACH return notice. The email will now reflect the correct subject line for both correction notices and return notices.

Partial Authorizations Issue for TSYS Merchants

Merchants processing on TSYS noticed an issue where partial authorizations were allowed by default in cases where that was not desired. We have added a fix to correct that issue.

Display bug on PayConex Secure iFrame

An issue was identified with the length of the credit card number field in relation to the other fields on the PayConex Secure iFrame. The styles have been modified for the iFrame so that the elements appear the same length.

Google Pay and Apple Pay Transaction Fraud Scoring Issue

In cases where Google or Apple Pay were used in conjunction with Accertify Fraud scoring, we noticed that we were not receiving anti-fraud recommendations from Accertify. With this release, these transactions will now flow properly through the anti-fraud scoring workflow with Accertify.

Recurring Schedule On-hold Email Issue

On the initial release of the CardSync Account Updater service, we noticed that when merchants had multiple contact email addresses on-hold emails related to Account Updater activity were not being sent properly. In this release, we are correcting that issue.