PayConex - 5.31.2022

In this release, we are introducing a new integration to Twilio's Generic PayConnector along with a few other enhancements and some minor bug fixes.

New Features and Enhancements

PayConex Meets Twilio! 🤝

We are excited to announce that PayConex is now integrated to Twilio's Generic Pay Connector

If you are interested in learning more please take a look at our documentation here.

PayConex Email Notification Enhancement 📢

Any merchant utilizing PayConex recurring/scheduling service in conjunction with CardSync Account Updater will now receive an email notification in the event a customer's card is reported closed by the card issuer.

Enhancements to Refund Transactions 🧾

Refund transactions on Chase Paymentech have historically been processed as part of a settlement file which has been known to cause some issues in the past. With this release, we are now moving to utilize Paymentech's "online" refund features. There should be no discernible changes for merchants other than added stability for their refund transactions.

ACH Security Code as a Reportable Item 📊

We have added the ability to include the ACH Security Code (AKA: ach_sec_code) as a parameter within RSAPI (Reporting Service API) responses.

PayConex administrators can now log in to their accounts and navigate to the Settings tab and click Manage Settings. At the bottom of the PayConex Manage Settings page is the RSAPI Options Settings. In this section simply select the desired option for Include ACH Security Code.

Bug Fixes

Corrected Problems with Transaction Search

We have corrected an issue with PayConex transaction search where searching for a specific date caused transactions from two different dates to merge in the report.

PayConex iFrame issues with Internet Explorer

Users on Internet Explorer noted an issue where the PayConex Secure iFrame was not saving or returning error messages in some cases. This issue was resolved with this release.

ACH Settlement Time Issue

An issue was reported where TTECH accounts set to settle at 9 PM were not actually sending the settlement at the correct time. This issue has been corrected.