PayConex - 5.13.2022

Highlights from this release include the release of the first phase of our CardSync Account Updater integration, enhancements to our 3D Secure offering, and various bug fixes.

New Features and Enhancements

CardSync Account Updater

The PayConex team is excited to announce our CardSync Account Updater service rollout. Account Updater is an automated service that retrieves updated card information for participating merchants from card issuers when a customer's card is expired, lost, re-issued, or reported stolen.

We have partnered with industry leader CardSync. This functionality facilitates a faster turnaround in payments for merchants, increases authorization rates, and a seamless experience for their customers.

This initial rollout marks the first phase in the development of our Account Updater offering. In this initial phase, PayConex will automatically submit card/tokens associated with recurring payment plans to the card issuers. Then, we will update the recurring payment plan with the most up-to-date card credentials on file, reducing the number of interrupted bill payments while supporting continuous incoming revenue for your company. Curious to learn more, contact us here.

3D Secure Enhancements

For merchants and developers utilizing the PayConex Secure iFrame in conjunction with 3DS, we have added the ability to pass through a value for the 3DS Challenge Indicator. These values will date if/how a customer is presented with a 3DS challenge.

We have also included the capability to include a group value when rendering the iFrame. This allows 3DS to be supported by PayConex accounts structured to take advantage of agents, sub-accounts, and groups.

Bug Fixes

Issue #1: Problems loading embedded Hosted Payment Forms

We discovered an issue where some Hosted Payment Forms were not loading properly after being embedded into a merchant’s website. We have included a patch to correct this behavior in this release.

Issue #2: IDTech SREDKey errors during initial transaction attempts

An issue was reported where the initial payment attempts from an ID Tech SREDKey device failed. This issue has been corrected.