PayConex - 4.14.2022

This release includes enhancements for credit card input forms across PayConex, Real-time ACH Verification, PayConex email notifications, card batch reports, and the Reporting Services API.

New Features and Enhancements

Adding Card Brand logo and enforcing spacing format for a credit card on the HPF, iFrame, and Virtual terminal

We have added the card brand logo and auto-formatting of the credit card number to our payment tools to allow a better checkout experience for users.

When entering card numbers on our payment tools, a brand logo indicator will appear on the left part of the input box, and the numbers will space apart to match the brand format:

Visa, Mastercard and Discover: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX

Here is an example from an iFrame element in action:


Enhanced PayConex Welcome Email

We have enhanced our welcome email communication for a better user experience for our merchants.

Improved Error Messages

In an effort to improve our communication with our users we have made changes to the display error messages. Our error messages are more meaningful and considerate.

Card Batch Reports

We have made a few updates to the card batch report so that reconciliation regarding the same and next-day refunds is accurate on the user interface and the exported version of the report. We also rectified a bug wherein a “comma” character was causing a formatting error for our merchants.

Real-time ACH Verification Updates

We have made the ACH Validation workflow flexible to allow for “Company Names” in ACH transactions.

Added ACH Account Type as a parameter within the Reporting Service API

We have added the attribute ach_account_type to our reporting service API so that the merchant can report on the different account types used by end customers.

Bug Fixes

Password Reset

We had a regression on password reset emails whereby a special character was displayed. This issue has been resolved.