PayConex - 1.26.2023

Support for configuring multiple Dynamic Descriptors is the main highlight of this release. There are also some small enhancements and bug fixes for review.

Multiple Dynamic Descriptors

In our last release, we introduced a feature that allows merchants to configure a custom (also known as Dynamic) merchant descriptor within the PayConex processor settings.

In this release, we are extending that functionality to allow merchants to configure multiple descriptors within their PayConex account.

After the Dynamic Descriptor feature is enabled for a PayConex account and user with admin permissions will be able to access the PayConex Settings tab and then click the Manage Dynamic Descriptors link.

This new page allows the creation and deletion of a dynamic descriptor. When creating a descriptor a Name value must be set. This name will allow the descriptor to be used when making an API request. You must also provide the descriptor, city, and state, the information that will appear on a customer's account statement when the descriptor is used.

When the name of the descriptor is sent with a PayConex API transaction request as the dynamic_descritor_name then the descriptor information configured for that name will be sent to the processor.



This feature is currently available for merchants processing with FIS.

Bug Fixes

Transaction Search Filter

It was discovered that after using the transaction search within the PayConex transaction history that the search criteria would not reset in some cases. This would cause the transaction history page to continue displaying results from a previous search. Going forward this should not be the case.

Account Updater Detail Report

When viewing the Account Updater Detail Report it was discovered that the date was too long to display within the date picker. This issue has been corrected.

First Data RapidConnect Processing Exceptions on Refunds

There was a report that some merchants using First Data RapidConnect were experiencing processing exceptions when attempting to process refunds for transactions. The source of the issue was discovered and we have worked to correct that issue in this release.

TSYS Transaction Reporting

An issue was reported that some merchants utilizing TSYS as the back-end processor were reporting that refunds were showing as approved/processed in PayConex while TSYS was reporting that the refunds had not been processed. After identifying the problem with the processor it is being corrected in this release.

Hosted Payment Form Footer

It was reported that in some cases where the PayConex Hosted Payment Form footer text was long that the form footer was not expanding to contain the full text. This issue has been corrected with this release.

Twilio Charge ID Value

We discovered a regression in our Twilio integration that caused us to pass back the Twilio transaction identifier instead of the PayConex transaction identifier in the charge_id as part of the response. This has been corrected.