PayConex - 11.16.2023

This month's PayConex release delivers a series of enhancements and fixes aimed at improving the user experience, streamlining transaction processing, and bolstering the robustness of our systems. Below you'll find detailed notes on the new features, significant improvements, and crucial bug fixes included in this update.

Feature Enhancements and Updates

Cardholder Name Parsing and Display

Cardholder's names are now extracted from the appropriate EMV tags during transaction processing, ensuring accurate cardholder names are prominently displayed on related transaction reports, providing clarity and detail where it matters most.

SaasConex SDK Dynamic Descriptor

Developers integrating with SaasConex SDK can now utilize Dynamic Descriptors. Using Dynamic Descriptors allows changing the transaction description on customer billing statements dynamically.

The SDK documentation has been updated on the SaasConex portal to guide developers on using the dynamicDescriptor parameter within the SaaSConex.transaction.gatewayParams() function.

Bug Fixes

FIS Batch Number Reset

We've addressed an issue where FIS batch numbers were reset incorrectly for inactive accounts. Now, transactions from reset accounts are recognized as unique and will not be incorrectly included in existing batches.

Refund Processing Errors

We've resolved an issue that prevented users from processing refunds on older RapidConnect transactions. Refunds can now be initiated seamlessly, without the need for customer service intervention.

Transaction Error Handling

Adjustments have been made to ensure transactions are not erroneously sent as DEBIT when they should be converted to PINLess Debit. The system now correctly identifies and processes these transactions.

Hosted Payment Form Footer Display Issue Resolved

The issue with the HPF footer extending past the page container for $0AUTH and STORE transaction types has been corrected.

Copy/paste Operation Not Working During Recurring Billing Setup

The ability to paste card numbers into the appropriate field in the billing modal during recurring billing setup has been restored.