PayConex - 10.5.2021

PayConex's October 2021 release includes updates to the site's appearance, Hosted Payment Forms(HPFs) and several bug fixes.

New to PayConex

New Logos

On August 31, 2021, Bluefin has announced the launch of a new brand to reflect the company’s market position and dual-focus on innovative security solutions for both payments and consumer data. The new logo is now part of the PayConex pages.

Hosted Payment Form

We add a “Create New” button on top of the page for an easier and faster user workflow.


Issue #1

There was an issue in the way errors were displayed for Account Updater batch files that failed validation. This has been corrected.

Issue #2

We had a situation where our merchants on the Chase Paymentech platform were experiencing settlement disruptions due to decryption failures. This has now been resolved so that whenever there is a decryption failure, there will be an auto try.

Issue #3

For merchants integrated with us via Rapid connect, PayConex has modified the way AVS declines are handled; transaction voids will be generated rather than refunds in case of declines so that customers have an easier workflow.

Issue #4

PayConex has improved its logic in handling & displaying partial refunds that occur on the same day as the original transaction. The goal of this change is to assist merchants during their reconciliation and settlement process.

Issue #5

Some of our transactions were missing authorization messages & trace numbers on the transaction details page. This has been rectified so that every transaction has an Auth message & trace number.

Issue #6

There was an issue where reporting service API requests using pagination did not return a proper response. We have improved the pagination feature to respond appropriately in this use case.

Issue #7

We are removing support for serial formatted API requests on version 3.7 & 3.8 PayConex API’s.

Issue #8

We have modified the Omaha Batch cut-off time so that the settlement process only accepts transactions until the cut-off time vs allowing transactions post-cut-off time. This was making the reconciliation process difficult for some merchants.

Issue #9

We have made changes to the settlement process for our integration to the Chase Paymentech processor to reduce possible issues that could occur during settlement time.