PayConex - 10.24.2023

This release brings refinements and enhancements to PayConex Custom Reports, updates to the STORE transaction type, and various bug fixes.

ShieldConex Options in PayConex Custom Reports

We're excited to announce an update that extends the capabilities of PayConex custom reports. You can now include ShieldConex parameters, providing a richer set of transactional information at your fingertips.

What's New:

  • These settings were previously only accessible if your PayConex account was configured to include ShieldConex data via the ReportingService API.
  • When editing or creating a custom report, ShieldConex options will appear in the "Additional Data Fields to include in report" section.
  • The following ShieldConex fields can now be included in your reports:
    • bfid
    • scx bank acc no.
    • scx bank routing no.
    • scx card no.
    • scx card exp.



At this time data will only be populated in these fields if your PayConex account is configured to utilize ShieldConex tokenization. For more information on that feel free to review our guide covering ShieldConex on PayConex or checkout the developer portal for ShieldConex.

PayConex STORE Transactions to Issue $0 Authorizations

In compliance with the card brand's Cardholder Initiated Transaction (CIT) / Merchant Initiated Transaction (MIT) mandates effective December 2023, we've modified the PayConex STORE transaction type to issue a $0 authorization.

What's Changing:

  • Starting with this release PayConex STORE transactions involving Mastercard will perform a $0 authorization.
  • This change aligns our system with new card brand requirements but does not affect transaction functionality.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • If you perform PayConex STORE transactions, you may notice additional charges due to the $0 authorization.

Bug Fixes

Apple and Google Pay Transactions Improved for Mastercard

We've corrected an issue affecting Apple and Google Pay transactions using Mastercard on Pax terminals. Specific information required by Mastercard is now being passed correctly.

Mastercard Transaction Errors Resolved

We've identified and fixed an issue affecting Mastercard transactions. Transactions were failing due to a missing value, which is crucial for certain transaction types.

Browser Auto-Fill Functionality Improved

We've resolved an issue where using a browser's auto-fill function for credit card information resulted in the brand icon not being displayed and the expiration date being truncated.

Authorization Reversal Errors Fixed

We've corrected an issue that triggered an error stating that the amount provided was invalid when attempting an authorization reversal against an authorization with an associated group.

Improved Error Messaging

We've enhanced the error messages displayed during unexpected server errors to be more user-friendly.