PayConex - 09.26.2023

This release brings refinements and enhancements to the PayConex Account Updater, a new recurring schedule option, additional data elements for Elavon transactions, and bug fixes.

Account Updater Enhancements

New Setting: "Account Updater: Retry Closed Cards"

If you're utilizing Recurring Schedules with Account Updater through PayConex, you now have the option to change your account settings to retry recurring transactions in cases where the card was reported as closed.

This setting is labeled Account Updater: Retry Closed Cards

  • If enabled: when a card associated with a recurring transaction is reported to be closed, the system will continue to attempt to process recurring transactions with that card.
  • If disabled: when a card associated with a recurring transaction is reported to be closed, the system will not continue to attempt to process recurring transactions with that card.

By default, this setting is configured to be disabled. To have this setting modified for you, please contact our support team for assistance.

Delineation of Contact and Closed Statuses

With this release, the contact and closed status updates are being further separated from one another.

A few things are changing as part of that separation.

  • The Account Updater Detail report will now show "Contact Customer" and "Closed" as their own values in the "Update Status" column and also provide a filter for these values.
  • When the contact status is received from account updater for a PayConex recurring schedule, a new email will be sent notifying the account holder that the status was received with further details. When this occurs, it is suggested to consider contacting your customer for an updated account. It doesn't necessarily mean the card is closed or that it will decline for certain, so PayConex will still attempt to process the recurring transaction.

New Schedule Option for Recurring Transactions

A new schedule option has been added for merchants using PayConex recurring schedules. This new schedule option will process a transaction "Every 4 months" from a given reference date. For more information about utilizing these recurring schedules, please see our guide on Scheduling Transactions.

Additional Data Elements for Elavon Transactions

The custom_id used on PayConex is now included as part of transaction requests to Elavon and can be seen in Elavon's "ROC Text" field.

Note: While PayConex allows 50 characters for the custom_id field, Elavon only allows 39 characters for their "ROC Text" field. Our system will only send the first 39 characters of a custom_id to Elavon.

Custom Report Sub-Account Selection Updated

The custom report edit/creation form has been updated to simplify the sub-account selection process.

Bug Fixes

Using apostrophes in recurring Customer Name searches now returns records

An issue where searching for a customer name that contained an apostrophe returned no results has been corrected.

Pasting values into PayConex Secure iFrame form fields is now accurate

It was reported that when pasting values into the PayConex Secure iFrame, the resulting values did not match what was actually copied. This was primarily an issue for the ACH form fields. This issue has been corrected.

Fiserv RapidConnect reissue transaction data now persisting

An issue that occurred when sending a reissue transaction has been corrected. In these cases, certain parameters (TermCatCode and TermEntryCapablt) were not being sent to Fiserv RapidConnect.

Batch report totals on PayConex now align with downloaded files

It was reported in some cases that the batch report total displayed differed from the file that was downloaded from PayConex. This discrepancy has been corrected.

Discover transactions using Apple Pay with Fiserv RapidConnect now successful

An issue where transactions using Apple Pay with a Discover card were failing when sent to Fiserv RapidConnect has been corrected.

Disabling ACH or Card Processor Settings now working for PayConex Super Agent accounts.

There was an issue where removing the ACH or credit card processor settings was failing. With this release PayConex SuperAgents will now be able to successfully disable the processor settings for both ACH and credit card processors.