PayConex - 08.30.2023

This release brings enhanced refund capabilities through the PayConex UI, more robust processor support for CIT/MIT parameters on the PayConex API, and a few general improvements and bug fixes. Read on for more details about the improvements and fixes in this release.

Enhanced Refund Process with Custom ID in PayConex UI

This release empowers PayConex users with greater flexibility during refund transactions. A new feature allows users to include a Custom ID when processing refunds through the PayConex user interface.

  • Users can now input a Custom ID on the refund transaction screen, providing additional context and organization for refund records.
  • For improved usability, the Custom ID field is pre-populated with the original transaction's custom ID when initiating a refund from transaction history or details.
  • The entered Custom ID is included in the refund transaction request, streamlining recordkeeping and enhancing transaction visibility.

Extension of CIT/MIT QSAPI Parameters Support to Processors

We're excited to announce an expansion of support for the card_on_file_schedule_indicator, transaction_initiator, and stored_credential_indicator QSAPI parameters to the Omaha, Elavon, and FIS processors. This enhancement allows merchants to manage recurring transactions with increased flexibility.

For more information please see our guide on Customer and Merchant Initiated Transactions.

General Improvements

Dynamic Descriptors Transaction Management Improved

Introduced more features to the system to enhance how we track dynamic descriptors used for transactions. This change will provide more precise and efficient transaction tracking.

Dynamic Descriptor Search Functionality Optimized

Resolved an issue where, if a search yielded no results and a new record was subsequently created, the new record would not be displayed due to the residual search value. Also, refined the confirmation message for clarity.

Improved Retry Mechanisms for Chase Paymentech Settlement

This update introduces a further refined decryption process during the Chase Paymentech settlement. The enhancement ensures successful settlement by automatically retrying decryption multiple times. More verbose error logging has also been implemented for improved troubleshooting.

Bug Fixes

Cannot Edit User with .tech Domain Email

In the previous version of PayConex, a bug prevented users with email addresses containing the ".tech" domain from being edited. When attempting to modify a user's email address to include the ".tech" domain, an error would occur, blocking the editing process. In this release, we have fixed the underlying issue causing this error. Users can now successfully update email addresses with ".tech" domains without any disruptions or errors during the editing process.