PayConex - 06.08.2023

The highlights of this release are an updated batch settlement report, additional_fee support for PayConex accounts processing transactions with Elavon, and a few bug fixes.

Updated Card Batch Report

The PayConex Card Batch Report page has been updated to populate transaction data more accurately and efficiently.

Users accessing this report will notice a banner at the top of the report noting that the report is a newer version with a link where they can access the old version of the report.

If any issues are encountered when viewing/using the new version of the report feel free to utilize the older version and report any issues with the new version to our support team via [email protected].

Additional Fee Support with Elavon

The PayConex additional_fee parameter can now be utilized on PayConex accounts where Elavon is being used as the credit card processor. This parameter maps to Elavon's convenience fee.

When passing a value for additional_fee the transaction_amount should be the amount + fee.

For example; if a purchase is $10.00 and a convenience fee of $1.00 should be charged then the PayConex transaction_amount would be $11.00 and the additional_fee should be $1.00.

Here is a quick cURL example of the scenario described above:

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
  --data account_id=230614966801 \
  --data api_accesskey=33d42f0f0b6c89616d42aed8c96801e6 \
  --data tender_type=CARD \
  --data transaction_type=SALE \
  --data transaction_amount=11.00 \
  --data response_format=JSON \
  --data card_number=4444333322221111 \
  --data card_expiration=1225 \
  --data first_name=Test \
  --data last_name=Test \
  --data additional_fee=1.00

The processor rules for this parameter are:

  • It must be a flat fee (not percentage based).
  • Has to be charged in one transaction - not two transactions.
  • The convenience fee amount must be disclosed to the cardholder.

Bug Fixes

Ambiguous 3DS Error Messages

In some cases, multiple errors were generating the same error message during 3DS verification. This caused difficulty in troubleshooting intermittent issues. These error messages have been segmented so that troubleshooting will be able to determine root causes more effectively.

Transaction timestamp discrepancy on Card Batch Reports

On both the new and old versions of the card batch report it was noticed that the timestamp on the transactions was an hour off of the timestamp on the transaction details. This discrepancy was due to an error in recognizing the correct timezone in the card batch reports. This release should correct this issue.