PayConex - 04.16.2024

This month's PayConex release introduces a new Minimum Transaction Amount Setting for Hosted Payment Forms, along with crucial bug fixes and system improvements. These include refined transaction handling, improved SSO integration with Azure, UI corrections, updated domain whitelist validation, fixes for encrypted iFrame issues, smoother HSA card refund processing, and an update to the Elavon settlement process. Below are the detailed notes on these enhancements and fixes.

Feature Enhancements and Updates

New Feature: Minimum Transaction Amount Setting

We are delighted to introduce the Minimum Transaction Amount Setting to the PayConex Hosted Payment Forms. This enhancement is aimed at helping to bolster security against card testing fraud and giving merchants more control over their transaction processing.

When the minimum amount value is configured it defines the lowest transaction amount acceptable for the given hosted payment form.

Transactions with an amount below this value will be automatically declined. This feature can help mitigate card testing fraud by disallowing unusually small transactions often used by fraudsters to validate stolen card information.

Feature Highlights:

  • Minimum Amount Field: Now available in hosted payment form settings, accessible when 'Amount Appearance Type' is set to 'input'.
  • Consistent Default Amounts: If the 'Default/Fixed Amount' value is set, it must be equal to or greater than the 'Minimum Amount'.
  • Transaction Limit Enforcement: No transactions below the specified 'Minimum Amount' will be processed. For transactions below the 'Minimum Amount', a generic decline message will be displayed.

Bug Fixes

Fix for Transaction Timeout Issues on FIS Express Platform

Some customers encountered a scenario where they processed duplicate transactions due to a "TRANSACTION TIMEOUT - CONTACT BLUEFIN SUPPORT" message, despite the original transactions being approved. A fix has been implemented containing new mechanisms for better timeout and error handling with FIS, along with enhancing the auto reversal process, and updated batch closing procedures.

SSO Integration Fix with Azure

Users wanting to utilize SSO with PayConex and Azure were being redirected back to the PayConex login screen rather than being logged into the platform. Our team has updated the SSO system in PayConex to work with Azure seamlessly.

UI Display Error Correction for Recurring Transactions

In some instances it was reported that recurring transactions marked as "FINISHED" in the API were incorrectly shown as "FAILED/ON HOLD" in the PayConex user interface. The team has corrected this issue and now the UI display should be aligned with the API response, ensuring an accurate representation of transaction statuses.

Domain Whitelist Validation Error Resolution

Users faced errors while updating their account's domain whitelist with URLs containing multiple subdomains. The domain whitelist validation has been updated to accommodate URLs with multiple subdomains.

Encrypted iFrame Card Brand Icon Reset Issue

The card brand icon did not reset to its default state after using the clear() function in the encrypted iFrame solution. This function has been modified within the iFrame script to ensure the card brand icon resets along with the card data.

Refund Error Fix for HSA Cards

It was reported that "LOCAL SERVICE FAILURE - CONTACT BLUEFIN SUPPORT" error was encountered when processing refunds for HSA cards. In this release we have implemented a fix for handling this issue with refund transactions for HSA cards.

API Name Splitting Issue with TSAPI

In instances where TSAPI was used prior to processing a transaction the full name (first and last name) was being reflected in just the last_name field in API responses. In this release it has been corrected to ensure consistent name splitting in responses, regardless of TSAPI usage.