PayConex - 3.08.2023

This release includes some security updates and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

Recurring Transaction Issue when using FIS Express

In some cases, merchants using PayConex with our FIS Express had recurring transactions marked with the incorrect status. This issue should be corrected with this release.

Display bug when adding or editing payment method for recurring schedule

When adding or editing a payment method for a recurring schedule, it was discovered that if a user had input ACH data and toggled back to use a card instead, the ACH details were placed into the card data fields. This issue is now fixed.

Error when creating a recurring schedule using ID Tech M130

In some cases, it was reported that adding or editing a recurring schedule's payment method using an ID Tech M130 resulted in unexpected errors. The issue should be corrected with this release.

Reference Date not displayed when required

Some recurring schedule periods require the use of the reference data parameter. We corrected an issue discovered where the reference date was not being shown when it should have been.

Unexpected error when adding ShieldConex partner details in PayConex

When setting up some accounts, it was discovered that ShieldConex partner ID/key information could not be saved due to an unexpected error. This issue should be fixed now so that those values can be saved successfully.


In this release, will perform some upgrades to increase application speed and security.