PayConex - 03.07.2024

This month's PayConex release includes an enhancement to the PayConex API for retrieving the card brand network transaction ID, along with several maintenance and bug fixes. Below are detailed notes on the contents of the release.

Feature Enhancements and Updates

Card Brand Network Transaction ID Integration

We are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to the PayConex platform. This update enables PayConex merchants to retrieve the card brand network transaction ID for each transaction through the Reporting Services API, PayConex API responses, or custom reports, providing more detailed and precise tracking to ease merchant reconciliation efforts.

Feature Highlights:

  • Broad Platform Integration: The feature is integrated across various processing platforms, including TSYS, Elavon, Paymentech, Omaha, FIS Express, and RapidConnect.
  • API Enhancements: Updates to the Reporting Services API now include the network_transaction_id.
  • Custom Reports Update: The Custom Reports interface now supports the inclusion of the network_transaction_id.

Additional Notes:

  • This feature can be enabled by selecting the associated optional setting in the QSAPI Options and/or RSAPI Options within a PayConex account's settings and is disabled by default.

Elavon Manual Batch Settlement

We are also pleased to announce a new capability for PayConex merchants using Elavon as their credit card processor: the option to manually settle batches via the PayConex API. This feature offers merchants the flexibility to settle transactions at their convenience, aligning with their specific business needs.

Additional Notes:

  • Settlement Time Option: In the PayConex settings for the Elavon processor, an option for NONE is now available in the SETTLE TIME dropdown, enabling manual batch settlement.
  • Manual Settlement Activation: Selecting the NONE option allows for the settlement of all open transactions by sending a transaction_type of SETTLEBATCH via the PayConex API.
  • Sub-Account Settlement: This feature also extends to sub-accounts, enabling settlement for associated sub-accounts when a request with a transaction_type of SETTLEBATCH is sent from an agent account for a valid group.

Bug Fixes

Healthcare Card Recognition and Processing Enhancement

  • Issue: The PayConex gateway did not previously recognize cards in the MPX bin range as healthcare cards.
  • Resolution: The system now automatically identifies these cards and sets the program attribute to HEALTHCARE and the programCard attribute to FSA, ensuring seamless processing through both QSAPI and the new v4 APIs.

Fix for HPF Amount Error

  • Issue: Transactions above $999.99 on HPFs configured with a dropdown amount appearance type were resulting in errors.
  • Resolution: The issue has been corrected to allow for the processing of transactions above $999.99 without errors.

Performance Improvement in Custom Reports Interface

  • Issue: There was a delay in the Custom Reports interface when selecting "All Accounts" in the weekly_transaction_report.
  • Resolution: Performance has been optimized to reduce selection time, improving the overall user experience.

UI Adjustment for HPF with No Forms

  • Issue: An incorrect colspan value was displayed in the Hosted Payment Form management UI when no records were available.
  • Resolution: The UI has been fixed to display the correct information when no HPF records are available.