Decryptx v5.0 - 07.25.2023

Introducing Our Redesigned P2PE Manager Application: Enhancing Your Experience!

Key Features and Enhancements: New Side Navigation, New and Improved Design of Forms, Filters, and Data Tables

Key Features and Enhancements

New Side Navigation

Our new navigation structure allows you to intuitively navigate between different pages within P2PE Manager to quickly find what you are looking for.


Depending on your user role, you may have access to only some of the menu and sub-menu items within your navigation.

Primary Navigation

  • Hamburger Menu: Opens and closes Secondary Navigation
  • Notification Bell: Displays the total number of new notifications and opens notifications inbox.
    • Clicking on View allows you to view the notification details and causes the number displayed on the notification to decrease.
    • To clear all notifications at once without first viewing the notification, click Dismiss All.


Open shipments and upcoming attestations notifications will not clear until the shipment has been received and the attestation has been performed.

  • Question Mark: Opens secondary navigation with links to the Documentation Page and Contact Support form.
  • Bluefin Logo: Directs you back to the Dashboard.

Secondary Navigation

  • First Name and Last Name Avatar: Clicking on the space opens a drop down where you can access the Profile page and Sign Out of the application.
  • Profile: Will direct you to the profile page. Once in the profile page, you can navigate to the Security page, Notifications , and Opt-Out.
Profile Page


Opt-Out is only available for Client Admins.

  • Partners, Clients, and Users are now under Account Management.
  • Device Records, Locations, Partner Device Types, Shared Devices, Device Transfer, and Equipment are now under Devices.
  • Email Templates can now be found under Configuration.


The new and improved filters allow you to quickly sort through selective information and export reports with specific Partner and Client data.

  • Selecting a partner from the partner dropdown will load data under the selected partner.
  • Selecting a client from client dropdown will load all client data under that selected client.

Clear Filters

  • To clear an individually applied filter, click on the X that appears to the right of the selected applied filter.
  • Click on Clear All to undo the applied selected filters.

Date Range Filters

Pages with date range filters will default to the last seven days from your current login session. When a partner or client filter is applied, the data displayed will be within the default date range filter. When you select a different date range filter, the data will automatically update to reflect the new selected date range.


Applied filters which aren’t cleared will automatically carry over as you navigate to different pages in P2PE Manager within that login session. Once you log out, all filters will reset and you must re-select the filters the next time you login.


Our new data tables enable you to scan, analyze and compare information related to decryptions, transactions, and attestations, more efficiently to better help you derive insights and commit to actions.


The forms have been redesigned make it easy to focus on one section of the form and a time, in order to allow you to easily create new records and quickly access existing records within P2PE Manager more efficiently.

  • Form will be presented into sections, and the first section will be open by default.
  • Click on Continue to navigate to the next section of the form.
  • To open a different section of the form, click on the drop down arrow to the right of the title of the section. Multiple sections of the forms can be open at once.
  • Click on the gray X in the top right hand corner of the form, to exit the form without saving any changes.

Error Handling

  • If you have successfully completed all of the required fields in a section of the form, then a green check mark will be presented in the to right of the title section.
  • If you click on Continue while not successfully completing the required fields in a given section of the form, then a red error notification will display with the total number of errors within that section.


Number of Error = the total number required fields which were not filled in correctly according to format or left blank.

Opening the section which flagged an error, will display the error message underneath the associated field.

User Forms

  • You are now able to reset an existing user's password by clicking on Reset User Password in their user record. The user will then receive a link in their email which will enable them to reset their password.