Decryptx v4.0 - 06.09.2022

Key Features and Enhancements included in this Release: Decryptx API now supports WebSockets, Device Location is now included in the Attestations tab, Documentation Tab Revamp, Shipment Reports

New Features and Enhancements

Device Location is now included in the Attestations Tab

We added device location to the Past Due, Upcoming, and Completed Attestations tab to provide you with insight into where your attested devices are stationed.


Documentation Tab Revamp

The Documentation tab has been updated to provide you with a better user experience to help you quickly find what you are looking for.


Shipment Reports

You can now export shipping reports.


Decryptx API Users: Our Decryptx API now Support WebSockets

The WebSockets API is an advanced technology that facilitates a continuous two-way connection between the user’s browser and a server. It operates over WSS through a single TCP/IP socket connection.
WebSockets enable you to send messages to a server and receive event-driven responses without having to poll the server for a reply, hence providing faster response times.
Partners can now take advantage of our Decryptx WebSockets API as part of their integration for fast real-time data updates.


Bug Fixes

External API Users: Completed Attestation Email Notification

The Completed Attestation email notification no longer displays undefined fields. You can now view the details related to the completed attestation.

Kif Users now no longer see a forbidden error message

Kif users will no longer see a forbidden error message when logging in.

Swagger Documentation now includes character limits

The Swagger Documentation now included character limits for both our External and Decryptx API.