Decryptx v3.8 - 12.16.2021

Key Features and Enhancements in this Release: External API Users: Added GET/custodies Endpoint.

New Features and Enhancements

External API Users: Added GET/custodies Endpoint

The GET/custodies endpoint returns all custodies of all devices under a Partner within a specified date range.

  • Available for Partner Supervisor User Role


  • partnerId (required)
  • deviceId (optional)
  • dateFrom (required)
  • dateTo (required)

Bug Fixes

The Upload Button is now Enabled for Client Admins in the Device Transfer Tab

The Upload button in the Device Transfer found in the Manage tab has been enabled. Client Admins are now able to transfer devices to different locations.


Swagger can now Handle Requests for External API

The missing element in the URL and endpoint has been restored. Swagger is now able to handle requests for External API.

Partner & Client Filters now Display Correct Data in Event Logging

The Partner & Client filters in Event Logging found in the Manage tab are now in working order. The correct information will now be displayed when filters are utilized.