ShieldConex v1.10 - 8.9.2022

Version 1.10 brings minor enhancements to the iFrame and an improvement to the ShieldConex Bulk API calls.

Enhancements and Updates

New Default Character Limits for iFrames

To better align with data standards, we have changed the default min/max length for some pre-configured data types(e.g. Phone number, address, email) in the ShieldConex iFrame. These limits affect the front end validation on the iFrame, but do not affect the API.

It’s important to note that FPE inputs cannot exceed 56 characters even when the data type allows for more.

Data TemplateMinimum LengthMaximum Length
Email Address6128
Bank Account Number517
Routing Number99
Tax ID99
Phone Number1015

Updated Date Validation

The Date data type in the iFrame now limits input to a valid date. The month must be in the range of 1-12, and the days must not exceed the maximum for each respective month, however any 4-digit number can be accepted for the year.

Bulk API Refactor

The Bulk API has been refactored to handle requests more efficiently and complete jobs more quickly. There are no changes to the API specs and will require no changes on existing implementations.