Detokenization Guide

Exchange tokens for the original data

Data retrieval is the same for both implementations. You take the ID given and the tokenized values to get the plain values. You can call this whenever needed, no need to resubmit for new tokens. When you are done with the sensitive data, remove them from memory until needed again.

If you're looking for the ShieldConex API Reference Documents, just click here.


This example is in Node.js, but any server side language that can call an API will work. Axios is a convenient library for making API calls.

var fnGetValues=function(strBfid,arrValues){
        "method": 'post',
        "headers": {"Authorization": strAuthYourVariable,"Accept": 'application/json',"Content-Type": 'application/json'},
        "url": '',
        "data": JSON.stringify({"bfid":strBfid,"values":arrValues})
      }).then(function (objResponse) {
        //this is where you get the real data values to use and wipe from memory ASAP
        console.log('got the values',;

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