Decryptx v3.9 - 2.10.2022

This release includes enhancements to attestation notifications, as well as changes to the GET All Device Custodies and POST Attestation API calls.

New Features and Enhancements

Attestation Email Notifications

  • We added Device Details, Attestation Complete Date, and Client Name as additional tokens to the Upcoming Attestations, Past Due Attestations, and Completed Attestations Email Templates to allow Partners and Clients within their organization to receive additional details without having to login into the P2PE Manager Application.
  • Selecting Device Details in the Upcoming and Past Due Attestations template will present the Client Name - Serial Number - Device Type/Model - Location - Attestation Due Date - Contact Person in the email notification that the user will receive.
  • Selecting Device Details in the Completed Attestations template will present the Serial Number - Device Type/Model - Location in the email notification that the user will receive.
  • Selecting the Client Name and Attestation Complete Date in the Completed Attestations template will present the Client and the date the attestation was completed in the email notification that the user will receive.
  • Partner Supervisors with existing customized Attestation Email Templates have the option to add the new data tokens to their templates.

Here is an example of the notification email

Client Custodians can now perform a Device Transfer

The Client Custodian user role now has access to the create button in the chain of custody tab, allowing them to transfer a device to a new custodian or location.

Partners now have the flexibility to assign this role to Clients that require permissions for device-related functions without compromising the information in the Manage tab.

Create button has been renamed Complete.

We believe that unifying UI elements throughout the application allows for a better user experience. As a result, we have renamed the Create button in the Upcoming Attestations tab to Complete so that it is consistent with the Past Due Attestations tab.

External API Users: GET/devices/{serialNumber}/{deviceType}/custody endpoint

The response output for the GET/devices/{serialNumber}/{deviceType}/custody endpoint has been modified to include the name and email address of the Custodian and CreatedBy objects.

Decryptx API Users: Optional Fields Added to Decryptx API

The following optional fields were added to our Decryptx API as an infrastructure to enhance future merchant reports.

  • Amount
  • Transaction Type: Sale, Authorization, or Refund
  • Card Type: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, CUP, Private Label
  • Entry Mode: Keyed, Swiped, EMV, Contactless EMV, etc.

Bug Fixes

POST Attestation endpoint

The AuditNextDate now updates according to the AttestationPeriod in the Post Attestation endpoint.

Shipment Confirmation Email Template

The Shipment Confirmation Email Template has been enabled. This means that users listed as recipients in the customized email templates that do not have access to the Notifications tab or P2PE Manager will resume receiving shipment notifications.

All other users must have Shipment Confirmation enabled in their Notifications tab to receive those notifications.