PayConex - 5.13.2022

CardSync Account Updater

Decryptx v3.9 - 2.10.2022

This release includes enhancements to attestation notifications, as well as changes to the GET All Device Custodies and POST Attestation API calls.

PayConex - 2.3.2022

Highlights from this release include the addition of Google Pay and Apple Pay to the Hosted Payment Form as well as NACHA Verification for reissuing transactions.

P2PE Manager 3.6 - 10.26.2021

Version 3.6 introduces a new notification system, PTS Version and PTS Expiration Date for Device Type, and back-wards compatible API updates.

ShieldConex v1.5 - 10.12.2021

ShieldConex 1.5 includes changes to 2-Factor Authentication and fixes to both the Daily Tokenizations & Hourly Tokenizations reports.

PayConex - 10.5.2021

PayConex's October 2021 release includes updates to the site's appearance, Hosted Payment Forms(HPFs) and several bug fixes.

ShieldConex v1.4. - 8.12.2021

Get an overview of new features in 1.4 like SAML Configuration, Domain Whitelisting and more.